She Waits

Cherlandra Estrada
She Waits, 2008
Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas
24 in x 36 in

Status: AVAILABLE / Price $580

This piece was inspired by a photo that I saw. The mature woman in the photo was really beautiful but she had this look that was just so subtly sad. I think I was in a melancholy mood myself at the time but I was inspired to try and capture that same look of sadness in a painting. While I was painting her, my imagination conjured up reasons for why the woman in the photo was sad. I created a story in my head about how she was madly in love with a man who, after leaving her company one day, just never returned. In my story, I never knew if the man left of his own volition or if something tragic befell him. I didn’t dwell too much on his fate because my heroine was my focus. My fictional character never loved again and still sits stoically waiting for her true love’s return. I made myself so sad while painting this and thinking of the story that I was moved to write a small verse with it.

Passions from so long ago,
hold her to her course.
She waits.
As time’s kisses weather her face,
She waits.
He promised he’d return for her,
and so,
She waits.

She Waits.

As you can see from the prominent brush strokes, I ventured away from my regular approach to painting and used abandon to just paint what I felt in the moment. I have kept this painting for years. Every once in awhile that happens to me. I’ll create something that just holds a special place in my heart. My personal need to cling to her has now passed. Psychoanalyze at will but she is now available for someone else to cling to.

June 16, 2015

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