Cherlandra Estrada
Marblesque, 2005
Acrylic on Textured Canvas
36 in x 36 in

Status: SOLD

This piece is the first of a series that I collectively refer to as Marblesque. When I painted it, I didn’t realize that it was to be the archetype of a series but I returned to the style repeatedly because the process of creating them is, in essence, effectual tranquility. The process of bringing them to life is yoga for my artist’s mind. The inspiration for it came to me when I was on a plane to Mexico for a much needed vacation with my sister. I had a cheap sketch pad and my coloured pencils with me and I just started drawing random lines and then filling in the spaces with colours. I will often just pick up a pencil with no set idea of what I’m going to draw. I find it very therapeutic and often use it as a way to get myself past artist block. Many of my stream of consciousness pieces are the most rewarding for me to complete. It is more about the experience of the unencumbered process: the tactile sensation of the textured canvas under my fingers, the feel of the sponge or brush in my hand, the beautiful but random melding of colours on the canvas.

Initially, each successive piece was named Marblesque with an added series number to differentiate them. I wasn’t happy with that because I knew that I wasn’t creating these as a study of something. Each piece was it’s own unique composition and whole unto itself. One day, when I was working on yet another in the series, I saw an abstract figure of something in the lines. It was a vase so I named that piece The Vase.  I know, not super creative but it was better than Marblesque 5.  Now, every time that I create one of these pieces, I use this organic naming method and it works for me.

June 15, 2015

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