Beneath Branches

Cherlandra Estrada
Beneath Branches, 2014
Acrylic on Textured Wrapped Canvas
36 in x 48 in

Status: AVAILABLE / Price: $1800

One of my favourite graphic design and art styles is The Glasgow School.  Although there was amazing talent by a number of artists practicing this style in the 1870s, I’m enamoured with two of the “Spook School” members, Margaret and Frances MacDonald.  Beneath Branches was highly influenced by their beautiful work.

When I originally painted this piece, I put her up on my wall and left her there for quite some time because my original vision included some additional details that I wanted to put in.  Oddly, when I went back to her with the intent to draw in more lines, I didn’t “see” them anywhere.  I figured this was just because the muse for this piece was on vacation, so I hung her back up on my wall and waited for the inspirational sprite’s return.  I did this a few times.  Eventually I realized that I wasn’t moved to add additional detail because the piece was actually finished.  Yep, my process is odd sometimes.

Beneath Branches is a bit unique for me.  I often paint with vibrant colour and whimsical details but she refused to follow suit.  Her colour palette is very soft and the composition is very minimalistic.  I have taken her to a couple of shows now and out of all the work that I bring, she seems to get quite a bit of attention.

October 11, 2016