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A Measure of Time

Cherlandra Estrada
A Measure of Time, 2002
Mixed Media on Textured Canvas
24 in x 24 in

Status: SOLD

This piece was creating during a period of time when I was experimenting with different tools and techniques.  The subject matter, time, was something that I was very preoccupied with because I never seemed to have any at that juncture in my life.  Between my job, my burgeoning art practice, raising my small child and all the other craziness that life brings, I found myself feeling frustrated by the physical constraints of time.  I remember feeling as if I could literally hear an incessant TICK TICK TICK as I tried to cram more and more into each day.  Little did I know that later in life this dangerous habit would lead to health issues.  In our go-go-go society, we often forget to take time for ourselves, whether it be to pursue our passions or simply to just rest.

This mixed media piece allowed me to explore layering of colour and texture in order to pull the viewer’s eye from one section to the next.

June 16, 2015

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