Going Stir Crazy

Going Stir Crazy

June 6, 2016 12:23pm

I`m lying on my couch with my husband`s painfully slow laptop, writing this journal entry. I don`t have a laptop yet so when I want to work anywhere other than my desk, I have to borrow his. I bought it for him as a gift about 6 years ago. I`ll let you do the outdated technology math. He also doesn`t have a word processor on this thing so I`m using notepad to write this. Did you just wince when I said that too? *smile*

Basically i traded in one type of insanity for another. It was either sit here idle for another day because of how sick I am (I actually get dizzy when I stand up and move around) or use a laptop that would seriously test the biblical mentor, Job. I chose the later because I am highly aware that my website is still not “finished” and unfinished projects make me crazy. I wish I could work on an art piece but my canvases are all so big that it’s just logistically not possible to draw on them while lying on the couch.

Yesterday, I was able to do some work for a graphic design client though. I worked on a logo for a new e-zine called Ecotusk. It felt good to have a pencil in my hand. As always though, I was taken aback by how amateur my initial sketches look. I’m so used to looking at amazing sketch work online as per the social media that I follow, showcasing design geniuses. My sketches never have that polished, geometrically perfect look. I think that have some shape stencils in their arsenal that I’m obviously missing. Yeahhhh, that’s it. Well regarldess of my frustration with their initial aesthetic challenges, I think I hashed out some pretty good intial concepts. When I’m feeling better, I’ll scan them into MY computer and start in on polishing them off. Surprisingly, this laptop can’t run the adobe crative suite. *blink blink*

I just had a thought. This might be a good time to get back into ATCs. I used to love working on them! ATC stands for Artist Trading Card and initially they were used at artist networking events. Artist would create miniature works of art, the size of business cards, and then trade them with one another. Now they are also sold to collectors and even turned into ACE where instead of the work being original, prints are made and sold. Some artists will enhance them by hand, giving back a bit of unique quality or at least limit the number of prints so that they retain some value and don’t become literally like business cards. Tin Man was actually an ATC. I sold it on ebay and then tried to make a large version of it but for some reason it doesn’t look half as cool as the ATC. I’m going to do it. I’m going to work on some ATCs. It’s quite challenging to work that small but I’m game to try. If anhything decent comes out of it, I’ll post it in my patreon feed.

Time for some chicken soup.

June 5, 2016

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