Baby-Stepping to Creative Land

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What Are You Keeping Yourself From?

What’s all this nonsense about baby-steps? Well, often in life we refrain from stepping at all. Whether it’s perfectionism, fear of failure or just plain ol’ garden variety procrastination, our personal censor often keeps us from cultivating our creativity. That paralysis can keep us from exploring our own ideas and when that happens, it’s not just your art that suffers.  Any “thing” that keeps you from using your authentic voice is not serving you.  Even if that “thing” is you.
As an artist, I occasionally fall prey to the same insecurities that others do. That’s why I use the baby-stepping method when I feel stuck, overwhelmed, defeated or scared. In essence, what I do is take whatever that big, scary project is and I break it down into more manageable pieces: baby-steps.  This compartmentalization approach allows me to handle projects that would otherwise feel daunting.

Starting my Creative Land podcast definitely fell into that category.  This is my first podcast so I had so many questions and concerns! How do I record a podcast? Do I need to buy new equipment for it? Do different platforms have different technical requirements for the recording? Where will I host the podcast? How do I share it with other people? How much does it cost to run a podcast? Can I monetize my podcast? Should I monetize my podcast? Etc. etc. etc. Those weren’t even the scariest questions! My mind also went to… Is anyone even going to listen to this thing? Can I even do this? What if I don’t have anything worthwhile to to say? What if I suck at this?!! Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I had to break it down to keep myself from breaking down. That’s why this first podcast is so short. It was my first baby-step. I just wanted to show myself that I could technically record a podcast and get the proverbial ball rolling.  So I did.

Welcome to Creative Land.

Episode Tidbits:

Here are links to the two homesteading families that I watch the most on YouTube:

The Hollar Homestead
Image Credit – The Hollar Homestead
Sow The Land image
Image Credit – Sow The Land Homestead
December 4, 2019