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Looking For An Audience vs Creating One

One of the things that really affected my success in the beginning, was my need for approval. It was a scary time in my life, as I saw myself slowly moving away from working in offices to pursuing a professional creative life on my own terms. I was very concerned with what people would think, but didn’t see that. I experienced this time in my development as basic anxiety, not realizing that my subconscious was having a marvelous time planting seeds of fear and doubt. My mind was preoccupied with thoughts like:

“What will people think about me leaving stable work to pursue something I know nothing about?”

“What will it look like to others if I give up benefits for my family to do what I want to do?”

“If I’m experiencing this much SELF-doubt, do my family and friends even believe that I can do this?”

“Will anyone even like my original art, let alone BUY it?!”

Yeah that last one was a real doozy because it was a very specific barrier to a very specific desire: to paint. It took a lot of ups and down for me to finally understand something pivotal to my creative path: artists need to create for themselves. Your art should be unique and when you learn to focus on your own growth and expression (as opposed to what other people will think of it) that is exactly what you achieve.

It gets even better though.

When you find the courage to express yourself authentically, you inevitably find people who dig your groove. In this episode, I share a cherished memory about finding a kindred-spirit who taught me to appreciate my own unique style. What makes it even more amazing is that she found me! That’s right, I just chose to follow my own creative voice and like a magnet, someone was drawn to it.

Trust your own vision and you won’t have to look for an audience. Take a listen as I explain in more detail.

Episode Tidbits:

Here is a link to some of those unique artists that I mentioned.  Enjoy!

February 18, 2020

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