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You Are What You Eat and also What You Think

I want to be able to grow my own food. It’s as simple as that. As I move more and more towards a plant-based diet, I have learned a lot about fuelling my body. We literally are what we eat because whatever we consume, is what our bodies use to create new cells. Knowing that, it seems almost ludicrous that we don’t really know where our food is coming from. Quite honestly, until last year, I never even thought about food at all, other than when I was making grocery lists. Often it was because I was trying new recipes and had to write things down to not forget them. Sadly, I didn’t even know what some of the things were! For example, we make our own kale super salad mix now, instead of buying it. (It lasts way longer and you can use different cabbages for different health benefits!) Well, one of the ingredients what chicory. What’s chicory?! I had to look it up. I started realizing how much I had to look up. My food knowledge was very limited. I realized that I don’t even know what certain things look like in their natural state because I buy them after they have been highly processed. I also realized that I don’t know where, and more importantly, HOW they are grown. If there was an apocalypse, zombie or otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to feed myself. What other animals on this planet don’t know how to feed themselves?! We live in a society where we walk into a building and the food is all laying out for us but we don’t really have a concept of how it got there. The truth is, we aren’t really connected to our food – the building blocks of our bodies!

Last summer I challenged the limiting belief that I couldn’t garden at all, and I actually grew. (I’m sure you get my double meaning there). I grew flowers, herbs and even vegetables. More importantly, I grew my confidence, and not just in my ability to grow things. It was reminder that we can take on things that we have failed at before and turn them into triumph. That might sound rather dramatic when referring to the handful of peppers that I grew last year, but when I was surrounded by the literal fruits of my labour at the end of the summer, that is exactly how I felt: triumphant. I was a gardening warrior princess and when you taste that confidence, it makes you wonder why you don’t feel that way in other areas of your life. It plants the seed for change.

Check out this episode to find out more about my journey with growing my own food and how it fits into my idea of Creative Land. I also share my thoughts on facing challenges and how to continue on a journey, regardless of the detours.

You can grow. ALWAYS.

Remember that.

Episode Tidbits:

Here are some links to the “how to” videos I’ve been looking at on YouTube. There are so many different approaches. I’ll be working outside on my porch but I’ve also linked to indoor videos. The method we’re going to try is the DIY Hydroponic Garden Tower.

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January 16, 2020

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