Mistakes Are Your Truest Friends

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You Can’t Avoid Mistakes But You Can Avoid Seeing Them As An Error

I actually came up with that little saying during the making of this podcast and I like it so much that I think I’m going to print it on shirts. That sentence probably won’t make sense to you until you listen to the podcast. In fact, it might appear contradictory or even nonsensical. The thing is, we all make mistakes and I would venture to say that inventors and creators (by necessity of what they are doing) make quite a few. The great thing about true creatives is that they find value in their blunders and often see the beauty that comes from the unexpected.

News flash: you are going to make mistakes.

Bigger news flash: you already have.

Biggest news flash: you survived them.

That’s very important to remember. In addition to surviving them, you have more than likely also learned from them. If you look at areas of your life where you have fallen down and stood back up, you will find that you have improved them and now reap the rewards of that improved understanding.

If being a creative is new to you, then be prepared to make mistakes in your chosen discipline. You WANT to make mistakes because it will guide you to the artist that you want to be. Try to take the fear out of failure and look for the opportunities. Many of the most successful people in life made more mistakes than you could imagine and learned to accept them as a necessary part of growth. There are even some artistic disciplines that arose from the idea of not only accepting imperfections but actually celebrating them. In this episode, I share some of my own mistakes and illuminate the creative benefits of embracing the suck.

Episode Tidbits:

I mentioned Kintsugi and wanted to share a video that goes into more depth on it.  Enjoy!

April 23, 2020

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