Perspective or Limiting Belief?

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Creating Your Own Obstacles

Guess what. You create your own reality. That might be a tough pill to swallow if the reality that you are currently experiencing is less than optimal. However, it is true nonetheless. At the beginning of my professional creative career, I was so infused with enthusiasm and faith. I made the decision to try, and for the first time in my adult life, I believed that I could do something artistic. That positive belief garnered positive results and so my dreams got even bigger. I went from thinking of art as a hobby and started to believe that if I kept at it, I could profit from my creative work. Not surprisingly, with that positive conviction in my heart and mind, I did just that.

Then something strange happened. I started doubting myself. I started getting up in my head about what I was doing instead of approaching my work with the same joy that I did in the beginning. When faced with challenges, I started cultivating negative perspectives that killed my passion. It wasn’t long before I started seeing the negative effects of that pessimistic outlook in my life. I became jaded and my reality reflected that. A poem that I wrote during that time is very telling of the angry, victim mindset that I was using to limit myself.

There is good news though! I eventually figured out that it was all me. Check out this episode to hear a bit of my artist story and be inspired to do some self-inquiry. (You also get to hear the angry poem *queue ominous thunder clap*) Do you have any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from attacking your creativity with everything you’ve got? No better time to find out than now.

Episode Tidbits:

Here is “the rose” painting that I was referring to in this episode along with a couple of bonus images:

December 15, 2019